Dr. Kasier Scandinavia AB


From a small enterprise, run from home, to a modern company with a worldwide reputation. Dr. Michael Kaiser started his “shop for diamond tools” over thirty years ago as a small enterprise.  The company has grown to a modern company with a world-wide reputation, constantly expanding product lines through the creation of flexible and powerful production units.  The company’s goal has always been to be a problem-solver for all customers’ questions regarding “the grinding zone.”

The company’s success comes from providing the highest precision products by consulting with individual customers to produce the best possible performance for its tools.

The greatest resource and potential of DR. KAISER, alongside the modern machines and equipment, is its more than 360 highly-qualified employees at the site in Celle. This is also complemented by a technically-orientated sales team and worldwide sales partners in all relevant markets.


The trend towards high-strength, hard-to-process materials in manufacturing is just as prevalent as the demand for reliable production sites which produce goods virtually around the clock. High-precision, demanding and innovative tools, as produced by DR. KAISER, are therefore a part of the future.

As a supplier for machine manufacturers DR. KAISER will be a trendsetter as a system supplier for latest technologies around the “grinding zone”.